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Did you know outdated filters cause fires? According to the National Fire Protection Association most fires that occur in commercial kitchens are caused by cooking flame flare-ups that penetrate greasy filters.

Most restaurant owners can attest to the difficulty of keeping up on grease accumulation as it occurs quickly. Once grease ignites the damage can be catastrophic. New generation filters can greatly reduce your risk of a fire. Baffle filters remove the smallest of grease particles from the exhaust system and can easily be cleaned without harsh solvents. They optimize air flow making the entire system more efficient. All new filters are UL 300 compliant.

Scott O’Brien Fire & Safety Co offers a “Grease Filter Exchange” service. We will remove your filters and replace them on regular basis as needed for your establishment with the new UL 300 compliant Baffle Type Filter that meet NFPA #96 codes and standards.

Call us today to learn more about the exchange service and don’t forget to ask about package pricing. We are happy to provide a no obligation quote for part or all of the services your establishment requires.