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We get it, you have a business to run but having your exhaust system cleaned regularly is not just for the safety of your customers, employees and your building but it’s also a compliance issue. Grease is the most dangerous element in a restaurant particularly in the exhaust system. A simple spark from static electricity let alone open flame can be enough to ignite a fire.

It is the responsibility of the owner to ensure the exhaust and hood systems are safe. Most insurance companies and city fire departments require your kitchen hood and exhaust to be cleaned regularly (even if the building for which it is installed is vacant). Most business owners know that it’s a dirty job especially if you don’t have specialized equipment and experience. It’s not for the faint of heart and it’s not for amateurs so why not call the experts? We can provide any documentation needed by your insurance company or fire department as soon as the job is complete and we document our services with before and after pictures and or video as necessary. All our work is in compliance with NFPA 96. We have the equipment and skilled service technicians to get in and out during your businesses downtime and we make sure we inspect and clean not only the areas you can see but also the areas you can’t see in the three main components, the hood, the duct work and the fans. All surfaces are cleaned down to the bare metal or the acceptable limit according to NFPA #96.

Schedule on a regular basis as grease buildup can be controlled if kept on top of. We can also respond on an emergency basis if your establishment has an inspection and the grease levels are found to have reached a critical stage. We are also happy to work with new owners of existing establishments to do an all-inclusive inspections and recommendations.

Call us today to schedule an exhaust cleaning appointment or for a quote. Also, ask us about our package deals.

Recommended Exhaust & Hood Cleaning Frequencies:

30 Days: Wood & Charcoal grills, Char-Broilers, 24 hour establishments

60 Days: Most restaurants, cafeterias, hotel & hospital kitchens

90 Days: Restaurants that do a lot of heavy grease cooking such as Hamburger Restaurants or Fast-Food Locations.

120 Days: Pizza Restaurants, Convalescent hospitals, church kitchens, Snack Bars & Oven Hoods.