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The well-trained team at Scott O’Brien Fire & Safety Co is fully able to help you design, install and service your Fire Sprinkler System for Industrial, Commercial or Residential uses.  We offer a full range of services from a complete solution for your Fire Sprinkler design and install through after-installation services as well as tenant improvement and repairs.  We can handle any size job presented to us professionally and quickly eliminating costly delays to you.

We are committed to your safety and the protection of your property and assets and fire sprinklers are recognized as the most effective method to do just that.  Let us help you design a system for your project.  For already existing structures we start with an on-site survey to take accurate measurements.  We will point out any possible compliance issues and help you bring your project up to current NFPA 13 code standards as well as California Edition Title 19/NFPA25.  We can coordinate with your architects and/or engineers as well as other trade contractors.

Currently the Fire Sprinkler Industry has undergone some major restructuring at the state level. With the Office of the State Fire Marshal now implementing the AES Program (Automatic Extinguishing Systems Program). So what does that mean to the consumer? It means that having a Contractors State C16 License is not enough anymore to legally service, repair or install fire sprinklers. Currently the program is in Phase 1 of 3 phases of implementation. Here at SOFS we are following the program directives and are making sure we are licensed and compliant with the OSFM regulations now and going forward.

Installation Services:

  • Wet and Dry fire sprinkler systems
  • Wet and Dry Standpipe Systems
  • Pre-Action Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • High Pile/Rack Storage Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Underground Fire Service Sprinkler Systems
  • Under Pier Fire Sprinkler Systems
  • Inergen and FM-200 Clean Agent Systems
  • Fire Hydrants
  • Tenant Improvements

Fire Sprinkler System Services:

  • Quarterly Inspections with Report and Label
  • Annual Inspections with Report and Label
  • 5 year Inspections with Report and Label
  • 3 Year Maintenance Inspection with Report & Riser Certification Label
  • Fire Hydrant annual and five year tests with Report and Label
  • Consultations for Repairs or preliminary design.

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