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Emergency Lights are required for most buildings and occupancies but many business owners do not properly maintain or inspect them simply because they don’t know the requirements or don’t understand the process.  E-Lights are intended to illuminate a pathway to an exit door or show us the direction to the exact location of the exit door.  There are some allowances to this and our technicians are able to evaluate your situation and needs.    Some easily missed areas include:

  • Internal rooms
  • Bathrooms
  • Storage areas or closets

Testing Requirements:

OSHA 1910.37 & NFPA 101 show that lights shall be tested for 30 seconds monthly and 90 minutes annually.  We recommend you label or number each of your units so you can document inspections & repairs.  Or better yet, hire us to do it for you.

Exit Lights:

It’s important to make sure your Exit signs are not blocked.  This is a common issue if not properly installed near a door.  As with Emergency Lights these are also required to be tested monthly and annually with few exception and must always be documented.  Again, we recommend you label each unit to aid in tracking and inspections.

Whether your lights are battery units or hardwired in they are required to be tested monthly and annually with some exceptions for self-diagnostic units but we recommend that all units be tested anyways.

Emergency Lights and Exit Signs are like most safety equipment in that they aren’t fully appreciated until they are needed which is usually during a catastrophic event.   Business owners are also usually unaware that in such an event insurance claims can be denied based on the failure to install and properly maintain required equipment.   Let us guide you through the pitfalls and make sure you, your employees and your assets are protected.  Call us for a quote or more information today.

Besides scheduled maintenance & repairs we can help you with the following:

  • Emergency Lights installation and maintenance
  • Exit Signs installation and maintenance
  • Safety Signs
  • Replacement Bulbs & Batteries
Emergency Exit Sign
Emergyncy Exit Sign With Lights
Emergency Lighting

Is your business compliant with the requirements of Exit & Emergency Lighting?