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Perhaps you are a new businesses owner getting ready to open a new establishment or perhaps you already have a system but you need to make some changes to provide coverage to accommodate new appliances.  Maybe you just need an upgrade to become UL 300 Compliant or even just your semi-annual inspection and service?  Whatever your needs are Scott O’Brien Fire & Safety has you covered. 

Most Insurance companies now require restaurant owners to have a fire suppression system in their kitchen over their cooking appliances.  A basic system is usually installed under the kitchen hood with a series of nozzles covering the appliances and set to overlap for complete coverage ensuring that any fire will not spread.  These systems are designed to not only extinguish a fire but also cool the grease so they don’t flare back up.  Some systems even generate a water vapor that makes sure the grease doesn’t re-ignite. 

When working on your system our techs make sure we are accommodating all of your particular needs and while we don’t want to sell you something that isn’t necessary we also want to make you aren’t being left at risk by selling you off brand equipment or cutting corners.  We want to make sure you are covered for your insurance liabilities, your local and state ordinances, your assets and beyond that the safety of your staff and customers.  We fully understand that your fire suppression system can mean the difference between and out of control and catastrophic fire versus and an easily extinguished nuisance.

Scott O’Brien Fire & Safety Co is proud to have the only technicians in all of San Luis Obispo county certified in ALL Pre-Engineered makes and models of Restaurant Fire Suppression Systems including Ansul, Amerex, Buckeye, Range Guard, Pyro-Chem, Protex, Kidde and Lehavot Kitchen Systems.   Our techs regularly continue their education with seminars and distributor training classes to ensure they are well versed in the current codes, NFPA standards 96, 17 and 17A,  California Title 19 Requirements, the ICC and the IFC as well as UL Listings for Kitchen Fire Suppression Systems.   We are fully prepared no matter what your needs are including semi-annual service of your already existing system or the install or upgrade of a new system.

Restaurant Suppression System Services include:

  • Semi-Annual Inspections
  • Repairs & Upgrades
  • Installation of Wet Chemical Systems
  • Industrial & Paint Booth System Service & Installations
  • Food Truck Installations & Service
  • We service ALL make and models.

Our factory trained techs specialize in helping you meet all the appropriate requirements for your business.   If you are opening a new establishment and aren’t sure what you need or just want to find out how we can help you with semi-annual inspection and service give us a call today at 805-461-0915

Don’t forget to ask about our package deals when you use several of our different services such as portables, exit lights, sprinkler systems and suppression systems service or cleaning.  The more services we can provide you the more we can save you money.  We also have easy-pay options such as monthly installments, auto-pay and discounts for paying at time of service to take some of the financial burden off you as you grow.  Ask us how we can help you out.

Fire Supression System

Is your kitchen and staff prepared for a Fire?